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Two brothers
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United by our great shared passion for Pinot Noir, we decided in 2020 to realign the family winery in Ingelheim / Großwinternheim. We are the brothers Christoph and Thomas Baum-Barth.

„For us, a Pinot Noir with a strong character is like a ballerina who does her pirouettes on the palate. Elegant and multi-layered, with every pirouette, you rediscover the wine.“
Thomas Baum-Barth
portrait photo from Thomas Baum-Barth

Our actions are based on three essential guiding principles: clear focus, unconditional quality, and sustainable production, to produce wines with a strong character.

We firmly believe that the production of characterful wines requires a clear focus. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision to offer a very lean, high-quality range of wines focused on Pinot Noir as the leading grape variety. This reflects both our Ingelheim origins and our great passion for Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir grape at the vine
Lumps of lime
Christoph & Thomas Baum-Barth

We do not compromise on the quality of our wines. We invest a lot of love, sweat and manual labour in producing our wines and have unconditionally geared the entire production process to quality. We carry out numerous quality-enhancing and yield-reducing additional work in the vineyard, harvest 100% of our grapes by hand and bottle our wines as gently as possible through gravity in our winery.

Grapeharvest in the vinyard
portrait photo from a Pinot Noir grape
Bottle filling per hand

We also believe in the idea of sustainable production. We are currently developing our entire cultivation in the ecological direction by the increasing use of mechanical sub-tree cultivation and the sowing of greenery. Join us in this process and taste our wines!

„ In my opinion, great wines can only be produced if the grapes ripen in a diverse and healthy ecosystem. Biodiversity is therefore very important to me.“
Christoph Baum-Barth
portrait photo from Christoph Baum-Barth
Detailshot of the label


Our wines are as strong and unique as every one of us. In addition to the grape variety, they reflect the limestone soils around Ingelheim, the unique microclimate of the Selztal and our shared passion.

Our wines are cool, elegant and multi-layered in connection with a unique freshness. They offer excellent drinking fun even in their youth, but they also have great aging potential.

When drinking, our wines should inspire, bring joy and create unique moments that will be remembered for a very long time.

Vinyards with the citywall and the castle church


We live and work in the north of Rheinhessen in Ingelheim am Rhein / Großwinternheim. With around 26,800 hectares of vineyards, Rheinhessen is the largest and most diverse of the 13 wine-growing regions in Germany.

Vinyards around Ingelheim am Rhein
Vinyards around Ingelheim am Rhein
Vinyards around Ingelheim am Rhein

Ingelheim itself is also known as the "red wine town". The city can look back on a long and glorious history with good reason. As early as 800, the emperor Charles the Great recognized the great potential of the Ingelheim terroir and cultivated the first Pinot Noir grapes here. Ingelheim experienced its heyday around 1900. At that time, Ingelheimer Pinot Noir was found on the wine lists of the best restaurants in the world alongside the wines from Burgundy.

„Together, we have made it our task to reconnect with this glorious Ingelheim red wine history. Our big goal is to put Ingelheimer Pinot Noir back on the map of the best wines in the world.“
Thomas & Christoph Baum-Barth
Christoph & Thomas Baum-Barth im Weinberg


Thomas & Christoph

Obentrautstr. 46
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein / Rheinhessen
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